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Five Ways To Make Your Feature Wall Flourish

A feature wall can often end up being the cherry-on-top of a well-decorated home.

While it’s not for everyone, most people appreciate the power of an eye-catching showpiece in their home.

The problem is, that most of us don’t know how to make them really work.

And let’s be honest: a botched-up feature wall is embarrassing.

We’re big believers in being bold and confident though, and so we want to help as many people as possible create feature walls that flourish.

To do this, we’ve put together a five-step process for making it happen.

Choose your wall for a reason

It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people appear to put no thought into which wall they make a feature of or why.

Having a clear rationale as to why you’re choosing this wall will help guide the whole process.

The wall you choose needs to be of a reasonable size – a 10” feature seems pointless – and it needs to be in a position that naturally draws attention.

Don’t create a feature wall opposite the TV, otherwise, you’ll spend all your time facing away from it!

Make bold (complimentary) colour choices

You need to make sure the colours you choose go with the colours in the rest of the room.

However, most important is to make sure you choose striking, brave colours.

A feature wall needs to stand out, and using interestingly coloured paint, possibly even with special effects like glitter or chalk, is the best way to ensure it does.

Choose a room where you can focus on it

It’s important that your feature wall has pride-of-place in the room it’s in.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

Making sure you choose a room that isn’t overcrowded, where there is space and freedom is key to ensuring the feature wall has its full effect.

A living room is a great choice in this regard, as is a study.

Experiment with objects and texture

Lots of people fall into thinking that feature walls are simply big, colourful walls.

Instead, a feature wall is like a work of art.

In that sense, doing as much experimenting and thinking outside the box is paramount.

You can play with different textured wallpapers, objects or inserts which could create powerful effects.

Be strategic with furniture and context

Whilst making your actual wall stunning is the priority, you have to remember that it will be massively affected by the context you keep it in.

You can accentuate aspects of the wall by placing furniture strategically around the room.

You can also off-set and augment the feature’s colours with your choice of complimentary carpet or rug.

Ultimately, thinking of the feature wall as part of the room it’s in as opposed to a separate entity is the real key.